A beautiful 1890's Oak desk topped with a beautiful nuart lamp.

Pictured here is an Egyptian influenced art deco display.

Pictured here are a 1930's Chair, 1941 Zenith, and a chrome ashtray stand.

Pictured here is a Gilbert Rohde Paldao desk and a 1939 Sparton GMA 26-A radio. Both in beautiful condition.

Pictured here is a very nice tiger oak table with a beautiful glass flower frog.

Pictured here is a very nice 1930'sArt Deco era, oak dresser with mirror. On the dresser is a 1920's men's toiletry set in the original case.

395 Nehalem Blvd. Wheeler, OR      (503) 368-3406

Pictorial Close-up

Old Wheeler Antiques