Frequently Asked Questions.       

Q: You have a large collection of Art Deco, are they all original pieces or are they reproductions?

A: All our pieces are original Art Deco pieces, we rarely deal in reproductions, if ever and will always be indicated in the description.

Q: What exactly is Art Deco?

A: Art Deco is a time period in history following World War I (1920's) and ending during World War II. (1940-45.) It has a variety of styles, but all share one similarity of Geometric shapes and lines, along with very slender exaggerated figures. I.E. Gazelles, Impalas, Grey Hounds, Semi-Nude and Nude Women.

Q: I noticed you have two of the same pieces, but one is significantly more expensive then the other, only the color is different, why such a huge price gap?

A: Color plays a huge role in the price of some pieces. Green and Blue will almost always cost more then other colors. Both being very popular colors means everyone wants to buy them, and makes it very difficult to find those colors as well. It boils down to simple supply and demand.

Q: Why is shipping so expensive on these items? It seems like a lot for some of these.

A: Remember, all of these pieces are upwards of 70 to 80 years old and can be quite fragile. The mail isn't exactly a smooth ride and they can break if not packed appropriately. This means we box the items with bubble wrap, peanuts and paper. Afterwards they get double boxed again with packing material. This gives the best chance of the pieces reaching you in undamaged condition.

Q: I'd like to return an item I purchased from you. How do I do that?

A: Unfortunately, we follow the same policies that we do in our store. All sales are final, no returns, no exchanges. No gaurentee's expressed or implied.

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