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Other                                       Art Deco affected everything. Some of these don't quite fit into a single catagory or have an appropriate home. You'll find them here.



Slip shade sconces, chandelliers, wall mounts, flush mount. These are all fixtures and are among the rarest pieces of Art Deco to find intact.

Bakelite Flatware 

Bakelite was among the first mass manufactured plastics, and many flatware companies ran with it. Very elegant and simple.

Skyscraper Lamps

Modeled after the Empire State Buildling, these are the most popular Deco pieces, ranging from Green, to Blue, and all colors in between. They come in both Pairs and single sets.

Art Deco influenced everything from architecture to home d├ęcor, including bookends. Ranging from simple geometric lines to semi nudes. We have them all. 


Art Deco influenced everything, including time! these clocks have the distinctive feel of Art Deco, and will go well on any desk or shelf.

The Vices 
Smoking, drinking, and gambling helped to defined this historic period because of prohibition.

Radio Lamps

As the name suggest, these lamps are ment to be displayed on top of an older radio. In the 20's and 30's, radios were as much furniture as couches and chairs, and these lamps gave them personality.

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